Helpful Guide For Those Buying Definite Purpose Contactors

Posted on: 29 August 2022

When you need control over electrical switching for a system, such as a compressor, a definite purpose contactor can be used. Buying one of these devices isn't hard if you stick to this guide.

See What Applications the Contactor Is Meant For

Definite purpose contactors can be made in a lot of different ways, but you can quickly find compatible options if you see what applications these devices are meant to support. This can vary and might include applications like welding, air conditioning, resistive heating, and food service equipment.

Just think carefully about why you're purchasing these contactors and the specific type of equipment you want to support. Then all you have to do is verify that application support is appropriate before checking out. That's going to give you contactors made with the right materials and electrical switching capabilities.

Think About Temperature Range

Definite purpose contactors are only going to work effectively if they remain in a particular temperature range. This spec can vary and it's something to really consider before making a selection one way or the other. What you need to do is determine where these contactors are being set up and then estimate the average temperatures around said area. 

Then you can figure out a supporting temperature range and make sure the definite purpose contactors are able to perform in it optimally. That's going to give you more consistent performance when you need to take part in electrical switching for a system like a motor or compressor.

Make Sure Housing Is Durable

If you don't want your definite purpose contactors being susceptible to damage and thus having to repair these devices on a regular basis, then make sure you get some encased in durable housing materials. Then the integral components on the inside will have ample protection, including the contact and electromagnet protection.

Definite purpose contactors can feature different types of housing, but you just need to focus on varieties with durable materials. For instance, weatherproof plastic resins would be ideal for keeping these contactors in phenomenal condition year after year. Then you're not going to have to worry about the condition of these electrical devices as much.

Electrical switching can be a much more controlled process if you invest in a definite purpose contactor. You just need to spend time assessing your needs and verifying a couple of important properties. Then you can choose contactors designed to work out great for your specific operations.