Finding Parts For Your Surplus Or Restore Military Truck

Posted on: 5 April 2022

Owning an older military surplus truck that you can restore or use as a work truck can be an excellent vehicle. Often these trucks have been used for a few years and are well maintained, so they are in good shape. However, finding military truck parts can prove challenging, but parts are out there if you know where to look.

The Right Parts

There are many different military trucks around, and the sizes can range from one-ton trucks that you could drive daily to heavy five-ton trucks designed to haul heavy loads and are burly enough to travel over some pretty rough terrain when required. If you can find a surplus truck at auction or for sale privately, it can be a great starting platform to create a vehicle that will perform the way you need it. 

Other times people buy these trucks to restore them and try to bring the truck back to its original condition, but in either case, you may find that you need some military truck parts that are not available on the shelf of the local parts store. Some parts options include reproduction, used, and restored parts that can work. However, the trick is finding them. 

Used Parts

Used military truck parts are often found at swap meets and truck shows or gatherings that feature old military vehicles or classified listings online or in specialty publications. If you see something you think will work, research the part well so you are sure you are getting a genuine part and not something that is a third-party knock-off and does not fit or perform as it should.

Reproduction Parts

Reproduction military truck parts are made by many manufacturers and sold online or through catalogs intended to fill the gap between new parts that are hard to find and used parts that may not be in the best condition. The reproduction parts are new and created using the original specification for the OE part and should fit like a new replacement on most vehicles. 

It is essential to check the reviews and reputation of the vendor before buying from them to ensure the fit and design of the parts are acceptable. There is some reproduction parts manufacturer overseas that often are not the same quality as the original parts and may not look for work well on your truck. 

Take the time to shop around a little before buying the first reproduction military truck parts you find listed. If you can't find any information about the manufacturer or the parts, make sure they offer returns if you are unhappy with the products. In some cases, the same part will be sold by multiple vendors, so the price and the customer service you receive could be the best reason to order from a specific vendor when you need a part.

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