Protocols That Can Help With Choosing A Specific Wire Cable Granulator For Copper Recycling

Posted on: 18 February 2022

If you're looking to get into copper recycling , you'll eventually come across copper wiring that's insulated. You can break these insulation materials down using a cable granulator, which will be an amazing machine to use repeatedly if it comes with a couple of things.

Schedule Live Demonstrations to Review Grinding Efficiency

You want a wire cable granulator that effectively breaks down the exterior materials on copper wiring, but this process also needs to be efficient. Then you'll be able to recycle more copper wiring and also not expose the granulator to excessive wear and tear. You can find out how efficient one of these machines is by scheduling live demonstrations.

Have the manufacturer or supplier show you a particular granulator model working in real time, where you can see its efficiency levels yourself. Then you'll know what specific wire cable granulator to invest in.

Review Production Output

Before you decide on a wire cable granulator model, you need to see what type of production output it has in a specific period of time, such as an hour or more. Then you'll know what the wire cable granulator is truly cable of when treating your insulated copper wires.

This spec will be presented by the manufacturer and give you clear expectations of how quickly the granulator can treat a specific amount of copper wiring in a period of time. Then you can just decide on the granulator that supports your production activities perfectly.

Make Sure Swivel Casters are Equipped to the Bottom

If you want to make moving a wire cable granulator much easier to use, then it's important to get a model that has swivel casters on the bottom. Then you'll be able to slide and turn this granulator in any direction with ease, saving you a lot of physical energy.

If you have operations that tend to change locations often, then the swivel casters will be instrumental for enjoying a more portable granulator that doesn't give you trouble. Also, the casters will make maintenance more user-friendly because you can rotate the machine to clean and service parts from any angle.

Breaking down copper wiring that's insulated is now a much more structured and safe process ever since the introduction of wire cable granulators. If your work operations require one, find a model that is supported well by features and advantageous specs. 

Look for a cable granulator recycling machine for sale to help you reach your recycling goals.