Things To Consider Before Renting A Beam Lift

Posted on: 2 June 2021

Beam lifts are useful pieces of equipment that carry heavy and bulky materials such as long metal sheets. A beam lift is an excellent alternative to other lifting devices such as forklifts, as the machine can lift all materials in your depot or construction area. However, buying a beam lift can be costly, hence the need for beam lift rentals. However, various beam lifts are available, and choosing the right beam lift for rent can be confusing. Here are things to consider before considering a beam lift for rent.

The Attachments

Typically, a beam lift attaches to a hook, and the beam hangs from this hook. The beam carries the material during the lifting. While the hook keeps the beam in place, you also need to ensure that you secure or fasten the materials on the beam to prevent falling off. Additionally, you may need to use a clamp or a suspension depending on the type of beam lift for rent you choose. Therefore, engage the industrial equipment and supplies company to know all the attachments you'll need for your beam lift.

The Operation

Each beam lift for rent has a unique operating procedure. Usually, operating beam lifts requires advanced skills and knowledge because the equipment is larger than other lifting tools such as forklifts. Therefore, ensure that you have an operator that can handle the equipment to ensure safety and efficiency during the lifting process. If you don't have a trained operator, you can always talk to the beam lift rental company. Some rental companies will rent out the equipment and also provide a skilled operator.

The load to be lifted

Beam lifts have different designs and sizes, and each holds a certain capacity of load. Hence, you need to inform the rental company about the amount of load you intend to carry. And since the companies have experience, you can describe the lifting work you intend to carry out, and the company will estimate the load. Then, the company recommends the appropriate beam lift for rent. At times, you may be tempted to overload the beam lift to finish the lifting task fast or to avoid hiring another beam lift that can handle a greater load. However, don't overload the equipment, as this can cause instability of the lift resulting in injury when the materials fall off the beam.

When choosing a beam lift for rent, consider the attachments needed, operation needs, and the load to be lifted. Considering these factors can help you get the ideal beam lift for your project