Practical Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Thread Gages Properly

Posted on: 19 October 2020

A thread gage is an important piece of equipment with which you cannot operate your machine shop. To protect its usefulness and accuracy, you need to take the best care of it. Rather than simply wash it off and leave it out to dry, you instead need to take more care with its upkeep. These practical tips are some to make use of to clean and maintain your thread gages properly.

1. Use a Non-abrasive Cloth

To properly maintain and clean your thread gage, you need to use a non-abrasive cloth on it before and after using it. It can accumulate stuff like metal scrapings, oil, and grease when it is being used. This buildup can accumulate in its grips and teeth and throw off the accuracy at which it can measure threads.

To remove this buildup, you need to use a cloth that does not have an abrasive surface. Options like paper towels and microfiber wipes can be too rough on the surface of your thread gage. Instead, you need to use a soft cotton shop cloth or even an old tee shirt to wipe down thread gages before you use them, as well afterward.

2. Use a High-quality Lubricant

After you wipe your thread gages down with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, you then need to use a high-quality lubricant to clean and oil it. The lubricant protects the metal components of the thread gage. It prevents the metal from suffering damages like gouges and scrapes the next time that it is used. Likewise, the lubricant will also make it easier for the thread gage to grip and glide over the screws, bolts, or other parts where you'll use it. It will not catch and snag, nor will it cause damage to the thread gage or other parts that you need to use for tasks in your machine shop.

3. Calibrate It Often

Finally, you need to calibrate your thread gage often to ensure that it can measure accurately. You must ensure that its parts can span properly and also provide reliable measurements. You should calibrate your thread gages several times a year to maintain their proper function and use.

These practical tips are some to use to maintain and clean your thread gages. You need to use a soft cloth to wipe down your thread gage both before and after using and use a high-quality lubricant. Contact industrial equipment companies to learn more about thread gages.