Staying Safe With Flame Resistant Clothing

Posted on: 7 October 2019

For individuals that have to work in environments that experience extremely high heat or that are at risk of suffering a fire, having flame and heat resistant apparel can be essential for allowing them to do their duties. While this apparel can be essential for keeping you safe as you do your job, you may not be following all of the steps for using and maintaining this apparel, which can decrease its overall effectiveness.

Ensure That All Of Your Skin Is Protected

The flame and heat resistant apparel will only be able to protect the skin that it covers. As a result, individuals should make sure that as much of their skin is covered with this apparel as possible. Otherwise, they will be at risk of suffering burns and other heat-related injuries on the skin that is exposed. In particular, individuals can be prone to failing to protect their heads in these environments. However, flame and heat resistant hoods can protect your face and head from these potential hazards while still allowing you to see clearly.

Verify That The Flame-Resistant Apparel Properly Fits

When choosing flame-resistant apparel, it is essential for you to make sure that these garments are able to properly fit you. Individuals will often make the mistake of buying these garments a size or two too large so that the garments will be more comfortable to wear. However, you will want to avoid wearing flame-resistant garments that are too larger. If these garments do not fit properly and securely, they will be able to allow space between the garment and the skin that could allow flames or heat to damage the skin. Fortunately, these garments are not prone to shrinking after being washed, which will make choosing the right size to buy an easier decision that involves less guesswork.

Replace Damaged Or Worn Flame-Resistant Apparel As Soon As Possible

As with your other garments, fire and heat resistant clothing can be prone to suffering wear or damage. In addition to compromising the appearance of these garments, this can also severely reduce the effectiveness of these garments as it can create holes or other weak points in the apparel that may be able to allow heat or flames to pass through. If you notice that your flame-resistant apparel is starting to become excessively worn or has suffered any type of significant damage, it should be immediately replaced as it may not provide the level of protection that you are expecting or require.

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