Tips For Selling Hard-To-Find Electronics Parts

Posted on: 14 June 2019

The field of consumer electronics is expected to grow at a rate of about 8% per year over the course of the next several years. Because of this, there are still some incredible electronics stores out there that can sell you any part you need -- no matter how rare. In fact, these businesses that are thriving while other big box consumer electronics stores are beginning to fade away or get phased out. 

You can earn a substantial living selling some hard to find electrical parts to people that need them. Most customers buying these sorts of parts know exactly they want, so providing the parts, along with your expertise and speedy shipping, can provide substantial value. Read below to learn how you can get started selling these parts. 

Find a company that matches you up with customers looking to find specific electrical parts

When you are dealing with the type of electronics consumer that already knows what they want, you need to open a seller account with an online store that can match you with those customers. For instance, there are electronics dealers that have relationships with sellers so that their inventories total more than 800,000 parts, and they cater to clientele bases that know exactly what they need when they set out to shop. 

Because of this, you should know the type of consumer that you are dealing with, so you can market your goods accordingly. Be sure to prominently list the model number and serial number so that your customer can find exactly what they are looking for and buy it quickly. Give them a number of different payment and shipping options, and make sure that you thoroughly research the policies of the marketplace that you are selling on.

Outline your return policy and offer a warranty for the electronics parts

Since these parts are both hard to find and sophisticated, you would do well to offer your customers some protection options. You can partner with insurance companies and give them the option to add a warranty to any purchase. This way, your customer will have the peace of mind of knowing that they can get it replaced whenever they need to. If the part already comes with an extended warranty from the manufacturer, be sure to advertise that in your listing since this might be a selling feature. Further, put your return policy in plain terms so that customers are fully aware.

These tips are useful whether when you are trying to sell electrical equipment on an online marketplace.