The Day Acid Ate Your Pallet Racks, And How You Can Bounce Back

Posted on: 8 June 2018

All manner of companies and all manner of products come through your warehouse. You often store barrels of various chemicals in your barrel pallet racks, too. However, nobody said those barrels would all be safe and never break or leak. If you have experienced a recent breach of a barrel on your pallet racks, and that breach involved acid of the most extreme kind, then your racks are gone. They are one melted, dripping mess, like a Salvador Dali painting. 

After you have managed to neutralize the acid and find a way to remove the leaking barrel(s), you should call the company that sent the barrels to your warehouse. They will need to know that the barrels were a loss and that your pallet racking suffered as well. Then you will need new pallet racks. You can bounce back from this kind of event, and it looks something like this.

Carefully Disassemble the Damaged Racks

Just prior to taking apart the damaged racks, get pictures of the damages, in case you need proof later on. Then very carefully disassemble the racks. Each dripping, drooping, acid-eaten part will need to be carefully laid in a tub of water to dilute the acid. Then the parts can be placed either in recycling or in the garbage, as your state and city government guidelines suggest.

Order and Assemble the New Racks

If you are going to put the other barrels back in the same spot, you will need to order new barrel pallet racks. These racks are specifically designed to confine industrial barrels to one spot. If you would rather skip that and make a racking substitution, then order whatever type of new rack you want. Barrels may still be stored on flat shelf racking if you choose to do it that way. At least with changing to flat shelf racking, you also have the option of storing other palleted goods on that same rack or in that same space.

Write the Damaged Racks off as a Business Loss, or File an Insurance Claim

If you own the warehouse, you can try to file an insurance claim. You did not intentionally place acid-filled barrels that were leaking in your warehouse so that the expenses might be a covered item. If the insurance will not pay to replace your pallet racking, then you can always write the damaged racks off as a business expense or loss.

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