How To Make Custom Trim Improvements Look Professional With Few Skills And Less Labor

Posted on: 14 December 2016

Adding trim to plain walls adds detail and creates a handcrafted look. Carpentry can be difficult when it comes to cutting angles and doing custom trim work. But there are some secrets that make installing professional looking trim much easier, and with less work. Use solutions like corner blocks to avoid cutting angles or details for your trim carpentry project. Here are some tips to make trim look professional with very little effort:

1. Make Cutting Angles Easier Using Corner Blocks Instead

Corners in trim are difficult to match perfectly and the slightest mistake will leave ugly cracks when you finish. To prevent this from happening, use corner blocks. The corner blocks are nailed to make the corners, allowing you to cut the long sections of trim square. The corner blocks can also be used for other features, such as details on the base of a table or for trim on cabinetry. Keystone blocks are also available to add trim details above windows for an extra personal touch.

2. Make Custom Ceiling Designs Using Kits and False Timbers

Custom ceilings are a lot easier to do with trim kits made for these specific tasks. If you want to do a coffered ceiling, using false timbers will be easier and lighter. Timbers are great for giving the interior trim a rustic, aged look. Kits are also available to do many different types of trays, barrels, and custom dome ceilings. The ceiling kits usually come in packages with the parts marked and directions. Kits will require drywall or wood covering to finish them once they have been installed.

3. Use Prefabricated Trim Designs for Custom Features Like Picture Framing

There are also prefabricated trim designs that help with many complicated tasks. Prefabricated products will help create detailed crown-molding with a single piece of trim, instead of doing the work with several pieces. Picture frame trim details are available as assembled frames that nail to the walls or as wood paneling that is used instead of drywall. If you are going to do chair railings with picture frames beneath them, using the pre-manufactured products will make the job a lot easier and faster.

These are some tricks that you will want to use to give your trim project a professional finish. Contact a vendor of corner blocks and other trim blocks and pieces, such as Classy Corners LLC, to give your project the details that make it look like it was done by an experienced craftsman.