Important Reasons Your Compressed Air System Needs To Remain Clean And Dry

Posted on: 3 October 2016

Your industrial applications of compressed air depend on the air system being clean and dry for a few reasons. Because moisture is always a factor in air, taking steps to keep your compressed air system clean and dry is vital for your operations to remain productive and smooth-running. When the air in your system starts cooling down and reaches the dew point, condensation from moisture will turn to water. When water infiltrates your compressed air system, it can cause expensive damage. Take a look at some of the problems you may have to deal with if your compressed air drying systems are not working properly for maintaining clean, dry air.

Moisture Damage Can Halt Your Production

Moisture can have a negative impact on the moving parts of your machinery. For example, if you clean your machinery after every shift with compressed air, you could be spraying the lubricated parts of your machinery with moisture that will cause rust and corrosion if the air you use is not dry and clean. Unclean, moisture-laden compressed air can cause paint corrosion and can clog up pneumatic systems, causing expensive down time. Taking steps to ensure the compressed air systems you use for cleaning are dry and clean is an essential aspect of successful production. When your air drying system is being used properly, you can also avoid:

  • Increased maintenance on rod and seals used in pneumatic applications because of moisture build-up that creates sludge out of vital lubrication.
  • Moisture in your air systems can create condensation in instrument control panels that can potentially cause inaccurate readings and stop machinery and production during their repairs and cleaning.
  • Moisture in air systems used to clean your machinery, like conveyors, can damage your products when left unchecked and dirty.

You Need To Look At Your Air Drying System

Determining which type of air drying system is best for industry applications is vital for it to operate properly. For example, if your products require low temperatures for freshness, using an air drying system that is capable of keeping down moisture is vital because wet air can cause freezing that would be detrimental to your overall production. Ensuring adequate maintenance for your air drying system is necessary for specific applications to run successfully, especially when it comes to certain uses for compressed air. Choosing air drying systems with capabilities for each level of your production is important. Keeping a schedule for your air drying maintenance can help you prevent down time that will cut into your profits.

Learning more about how a tiny amount of moisture coming through your compressed air system can halt your production is the best way to understand the reasons you need to make sure your air drying systems are never down or running improperly. For more information, contact local professionals like Air Compressor Energy Systems Inc.