Four Types Of Grinding Systems For Your Stone Crushing And Sorting Plant

Posted on: 27 September 2016

A grinding equipment system comprises a powerful motor, a grinder, and a surface against which to grind. It also often includes a feed chute to push stuff into the machine and an emptying chute and conveyor on the other end of the grinder. What you may not know is that there are at least four types of grinding systems, and each one may provide their own benefits for your stone crushing and sorting plant.

Vertical Auger System

The vertical auger system funnels rocks and stones into the top, where they are rotated and ground downward. Gravity does some of the work so that the machine is not constantly overheating or working harder to accomplish the same results as other grinding systems. It is good for grinding smaller rocks, but not so great for medium- to large-sized boulders.

Horizontal Auger System

This giant, horizontal, screw-like system can pulverize and break up much larger rocks. The outer shell is similar to a giant rock tumbler, and much of the rock you place inside is either placed in via cranes or funneled in from above before the machine starts. The auger spins and grinds in the opposite direction of the tumbling and spinning case so that the smaller rocks will easily spin out and spit out the dispensing end of the machine.

Weighted Cylinder Grinders

These grinders involve a large, extremely heavy cylinder made of steel or concrete or hollow cylinders, which are filled with water or sand to create weight. The weight of these cylinders as they move within another hollow cylinder case is what breaks up the rocks. Very little room is left in between the weighted cylinder and the outer casing so that irregular-shaped rocks and larger rocks will be forced to break and crush under the movement and weight of the cylinder inside.

Hammering Grinders

Lastly, there are hammering grinders. The rock passes along on a conveyor belt or passes through a boxy containment unit. Along the way, or inside the containment unit, are several pulverizing hammers that weigh a lot and are brought down with such force as to create tiny pebbles out of some of the largest rocks. They are ideal for breaking up rock quicker than a chain gang, but they leave many jagged and funny-shaped rocks in their wake. You might decide to use this type of grinder at the beginning of the process and then have these smaller chunks of rock pass through another type of grinder like the ones listed above.

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