Renting A Commercial Boiler? Here Are Few Things You Will Want To Know

Posted on: 1 September 2016

In an industrial setting, the boiler system you have in place can be responsible for everything from powering specific pieces of equipment with steam to keeping the workplace heated. Therefore, if the boiler system fails, daily operations can be brought to a complete halt. In these situations, it is incredibly convenient to have a temporary boiler rental available through a supplier. If you have never had to rent a boiler unit before as an industrial business owner, you are bound to have a few questions. Here are a few things you will want to know if you are in need of a temporary boiler unit for your business. 

Will the rented unit be installed when it is delivered?

In most cases, the company that delivers the boiler will also set it up and make sure it is in good working order before they leave. The only exception comes in if you have to rent a boiler from a supplier that is several states away. If that's the case, you may have to hire a local technician to install the temporary boiler unit for you. 

If you have always used a natural water supply, will this be okay for a rented boiler?

If your business location lies near a natural water supply, you may have always relied on this supply to feed your existing boiler. However, the boiler rental service may require water of a certain purity level in their boiler systems to prevent damage. If this is the case, amendments will have to be made so you can tap into a local public water supply or you may have to also rent a water filtration system which connects to the boilers water feed lines. 

Do you have to let your insurance company know you are using a rented boiler?

In most situations, the implementation of a rented boiler unit will have no effect on whether your business insurance will cover any problems that occur. This is because your insurance will likely cover whatever boiler system is in use on your property, regardless of the make or model or where it comes from. 

In the end, having access to a rented boiler can make all the difference in keeping your business productive while your existing system is being repaired or replaced. If you have more questions about renting a boiler, be sure to discuss your concerns with a representative from a boiler rental company like Nationwide Boiler.