Must-Have Hand Tools For Beginner Welders

Posted on: 1 September 2016

Learning to weld allows you to manipulate metal components to create a host of products. For many welders who are just learning how to work with metal components, a lot of time and attention is spent on determining which welding machine needs to be purchased in order to start working. Beginners have a tendency to overlook the importance of hand tools, which play a critical role in making complex welding projects a little easier.

Here are two must-have hand tools that will make it easier for you to complete your welding projects in the future.

1. A good pair of welding gloves.

Protecting your hands from the heat, electric current, and sharp metal burrs associated with the welding process is critical, but investing in a good pair of welding gloves is something that many beginners overlook.

As you evaluate the gloves at your local hardware store, be sure that you are looking for a pair that is made from the type of leather best suited to the type of welding you plan to engage in. Gloves made from goatskin (or other thin leathers) are best for TIG welding, while MIG welding requires thin gloves with a heat-resistant lining. Stick welders need thicker gloves made from elk or pig skin to protect their hands while working.

Be sure that you take the time to purchase the right type of gloves before you start your first welding project.

2. The right kind of hammers.

Many welders who are just starting to work with metal components are surprised to discover that there are 23 different types of hammers available on the market. Each type of hammer is designed to fulfill a different role, so having a few of these hammers on-hand while you weld can help make your projects run a little smoother.

You should invest in a quality blacksmith's sledge hammer to help you smooth out heated metal, and purchase a ball-peen hammer to assist you in shaping the face of your metal components either before or after your welds are complete.

By having the right hammers available, you will be able to more effectively manipulate the metals that you work with as you begin to weld.

Taking the time to invest in some basic hand tools before you start to weld will eliminate potential problems from the welding process. Buy a good pair of gloves that is suited to your type of welding, and invest in some quality hammers to help your next welding project go smoothly. For more information, contact companies like Vern Lewis Welding Supply Inc.