Tips For Effectively Managing The Water Supply When Using A Wet Masonry Saw

Posted on: 31 August 2016

If you have decided to rent a wet masonry saw to cut the rocks that you are installing on your fireplace surround, then you need to know how to manage its water supply in an effective way. The saw's water supply serves the dual purposes of cooling the diamond blade and lubricating your cuts, and when this important system is functioning properly, your cuts will be cleaner and easier to make. To this end, follow these simple tips to effectively manage the water supply in your rented wet masonry saw:

Tip 1: Completely Fill the Water Tray

Since the wet saw pumps water out of its water tray and up onto the cutting blade, you need to ensure that you fill the water tray completely so the pump can easily do its job. The water tray has a "full" line marked on it, and you should place enough water in the tray to just cover this line. As the water level drops with each cut, add more clean water to the tray. By providing ample water for the pump you ensure that the pump will not suck in air and lose its prime, and you ensure that the water circulating through the pump is as clean as possible. As clay gets into the water tray from cutting the fireplace rocks, these frequent additions of water will become vital.

Tip 2: Tilt the Pump in the Water Tray

When you place the water pump into the filled water tray, make sure you tilt it so that it does not sit flat on the bottom of the tray. If the pump is flat on the bottom of the tray, then it will suck up the clay layer out of the botton and become clogged. It is always best to install the pump at an angle by using the suction cups that will attach it to the inside of the water tray. 

Tip 3: Clean the Water Tray and Water Pump's Filter Daily

Finally, if you will be cutting rocks for your fireplace over the multiple days, then you need to clean out the masonry saw's water pan each night. When you clean the pan, remove the cover from the water pump and clean out the sponge filter inside of it as well. Cleaning the pan and filter ensures that the water system will work efficiently for each day that you use your rented wet masonry saw. 

For more information or assistance, contact a local company that specializes in contractor's tools.