Things To Check When Considering Buying A Used Pressure Washer

Posted on: 31 August 2016

When you wish to buy a pressure washer for any number of jobs around your house, yard, or cottage, it can be advantageous to consider browsing the used market. Many retailers also carry a line of used pressure washers, which could give you a like-new product that costs significantly less than what you'd pay for a new model. When you visit a reputable retailer, you can shop with confidence, which makes this approach to buying your used pressure washer better than trying to find one in your local online classifieds. Given that the used pressure washer models can differ in condition, it's valuable to check these things before making up your mind.

Absence Of Leaks

You shouldn't feel shy about asking to test out the pressure washer; stores will often allow you to do so in the parking lot. This is especially important when you're shopping in the used market because you want to be sure that there are no leaks in the hose, nozzle, or any other components. Fill the pressure washer up with water, depress the handle, and let it spray for several minutes. As the water sprays, check to make sure that no mysterious puddle is forming on the parking lot where it shouldn't. If the machine runs smoothly and doesn't leak, you're a step closer to be able to buy it with confidence.

Smooth Running

Another benefit of testing the used pressure washer in the parking lot is to see how well it starts and runs. When it's running, it should produce a humming sound that is steady, rather than truncated. Additionally, the machine should start with ease. If it takes several attempts to start the pressure washer, it's possible that the spark plug is old. Bring this concern to the sales representative and see if the retailer can replace the spark plug for you. Ideally, this simple change will allow you to start the pressure washer with greater ease.

Condition Of Attachments

Don't be so focused on the pressure washer itself that you overlook checking out the attachments. Many used pressure washers will come with a number of different attachments that may also be used. Make sure that you thoroughly observe these attachments and don't be afraid to ask if you can try them out, too. For example, if you're looking at a brush attachment, you'll want to be sure that the brush still has all its bristles and that they're stiff and straight, rather than soft and bent.

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