Inexpensive Furniture Solutions For People On A Budget

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Have you recently moved and now you need some new furniture? Are you on a very limited budget so that you can't afford to purchase anything from a normal furniture store? Some types of furniture can be quickly and easily made by just about anyone. While they might sometimes not be as aesthetically pleasing as something you'd find at a furniture store, furniture you make yourself can be both extremely durable and inexpensive. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Shelves: The cheapest and easiest-to-build shelves consist of layers of lumber that are stacked between cement blocks. Ideally, you are going to want planks that are at least 10 inches wide and 1/2" to 3/4" thick. You can leave them at their original length, or you can cut them into halves or quarters to fit a smaller space. If you hate the look of rough brick, you can buy some inexpensive plaster to apply to the bricks' exteriors, creating a smooth surface. You can then paint both the bricks and the lumber in whatever colors you desire, helping them to fit into your room.

Sofa: A good sofa can be extremely expensive to purchase. However, if you know even a little carpentry, they are relatively simple to make from raw lumber. Making your own cushions from scratch can drive up the cost significantly, depending on what you buy, but you should be able to find inexpensive "replacement" couch cushions with a quick search on the internet. If you're unable to find cushions that are sufficiently thick, aesthetically pleasing, and inexpensive for your tastes, remember that you can always buy more cushions later, once your financial situation improves. 

Table: Coffee tables and end tables can be surprisingly expensive for their size. If you're not interested in spending a few hundred dollars on a table that will hold just your remote and maybe a book or a glass of water, making your own table can be a relatively simple matter. At the very simplest, you can again use cinder blocks for support and a piece of sheet lumber for the top. But this is not very mobile, thus limiting its practicality. Metal table legs can often be found at a hardware store or online. Once you have them, it's a simple matter to use screws to attach the legs to the sheet of wood. As long as you measure carefully to make sure the legs are spaced evenly, your table should be at least as sturdy and as durable as anything you'd find at the store. 

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