Tips For Safely Using A Scaffold

Posted on: 29 August 2016

A scaffold is a staple at any construction site. Unfortunately, not everyone who works on a scaffold does so in the safest manner possible. Serious injuries can occur from reckless or negligent use. To avoid injuries, here are some safety measures to take with all of your workers before they use a scaffold.  

Train Your Workers

Every person involved with the assembly of the scaffold or who uses it needs to be properly trained and tested before they can use it. Ensure that the workers know how to assemble and disassemble the scaffold and how to get on and off of it.  

It is important to actively demonstrate every aspect of using the scaffold. Showing a video or having the workers read a manual is not enough. By demonstrating how to use it, you can ensure that the workers fully understand the scaffold's operations. 

Install Guardrails and Use Protection

Scaffolds come with and without guardrails. Some workers choose not to use the guardrails or do not properly install them. Ideally, the guardrails should be installed on all sides, even on the side that is facing the building.  

Even though the guardrails can be instrumental in helping to prevent a fall, there is still a small possibility that a worker could fall and be injured. To protect your workers, insist that everyone wears fall prevention gear and head protection. For instance, wearing non-slip footwear while on the scaffold can make it less likely that your worker will slip and fall.  

Use Planks to Keep Objects from Falling Off the Scaffold

While using the scaffold, have your workers place a plank along the bottom edges of the inside of the scaffold. The plank can act as a barrier that can keep items from rolling or falling off the scaffold and injuring someone on the ground.   

Be sure to secure the planks to keep them from falling off, too. You can hold them in place with wire that loops around the planks and then around the rails of the scaffold. As an added measure, ensure your workers know not to hang any items on the rails of the scaffold, such as tools. They could also fall off and cause an injury.  

Scaffolds are relatively safe when used properly. By paying attention to aspects such as properly assembling the scaffold, you and your workers can avoid an accident. Talk to the equipment rental dealer to learn other tips to safely use scaffolding for rent