Why Your Garage Door Light Blinks Consecutively

Posted on: 11 December 2015

Are you puzzled because your overhead garage door light has started to blink in a consecutive manner all of sudden? There are a few things that can be causing the garage door light to blink, but a specialist should be able to make a repair to get rid of the problem. Discover below what you should know about consecutive light blinking on an overhead garage door, as well as what a professional repair might cost.

Why Does the Garage Door Light Keep Blinking?

A garage door light that blinks consecutively may point to something being wrong with the motor. If your door has stopped moving altogether, the motor is definitely one of the things that should first be inspected by a specialist. The motor may have overheated from being old, rusty, or having faulty wiring that is in need of a prompt repair. A garage door motor can also overheat and cause the light to blink, and in some cases, the only repair necessary is to allow the motor to cool down.

One of the simpler things that can lead to consecutive light blinking on a garage door is sensor problems. The sensors may have stalled the door and caused the light to blink as a way of telling you that you need to reset them. When the sensors have stalled a garage door, it is not a big problem because they are supposed to do it if something is sensed under the door. Hiring a specialist reset the sensors should be enough to stop the light from blinking. You can actually try to reset the sensors on your own because there are no special skills required to do it.

Follow the directions below to reset your overhead garage door sensors:

  1. Remove the garage door plug from the outlet
  2. Leave it unplugged for a minute
  3. Plug it back up

What is the Price of an Overhead Garage Door Repair?

The price that you are charged for a professional to repair your garage door depends on what is causing the light to blink. A simple repair is estimated to cost a minimum of $75. If the labor involved with the repair is complex, a professional might charge over $500 to make the repair (including the replacement parts). Speak to an overhead garage door specialist as soon as you can to find out what is causing your garage door light to blink!